Shavuot Menu Planner

By popular demand, I have created a Shavuot Menu Planner just for you. Use this cute one-pager to create a delicious menu plan and organize your Shavuos shopping list. 


Omer Counter

Download this free Omer Counter to help your family keep track of counting all 49 days!

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The Better Budget Guide & Workbook Bundle

The Better Budget Workbook is the perfect companion to the Better Budget Guide. So why pay full-price to buy each separately? Bundle them together and pay just $39.99, regularly $44.98 when you buy them separately. 

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The Guide to a Stress-Free Passover

The month before Passover is one of the most stressful times of the year. With all the shopping, cleaning and cooking, you can easily get overwhelmed. This Guide to a Stress-Free Passover will teach you how to approach your holiday preparation calmly, strategically and with quiet confidence. The Guide is short, but packed with advice, guidance and 25-pages of printables to walk you through your stress-free Passover prep.

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Enroll in the Mini Pricebook Workshop

Are you sick and tired of spending so much money at the grocery store every month? Enroll in the Mini Pricebook Workshop for just $37 and learn how to make a price book to save hundreds — if not thousands — of dollars per year. 

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The Better Budget Guide

Are you ready to break your negative money habits and make a budget you can actually live on without feeling deprived? The Better Budget Guide will teach you my simple method for making a budget, clarifying your priorities, setting realistic goals, controlling your spending, and getting on the same page as your spouse.

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The Better Budget Workbook

Stop wondering what to do next when it comes to your budget. The Better Budget Workbook takes you step-by-step through a series of assignments to turn theory into practice, so you can finally make a budget you stick to. This step-by-step digital companion offers 46 pages of activities, worksheets, tracking pages and budget planners.

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